A view up the road and spot the camel?

Just thought I’d share another couple of Kazakhstan views with you today as I still have no art to show…………however the news on that front is that our boxes from UK will be delivered this afternoon!! Yehhh!! It will be nice to have our own belongings around us again.

This pic is a view up the road…..Al Farabi Ave…… just out and round the corner from our apartment block, looking towards the mountains that aren’t that clear because of the cloud cover.

And this is a view from the car park area outside the apartment block (seen on the right hand side of the pic) again towards the mountain and the road in the first pic.

Can you spot the camel???



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15 responses to “A view up the road and spot the camel?

  1. Wow wow how many people have camels right outside their door. The view is fantastic Sue, you lucky so and so….. Bet you can’t wait to get your own stuff at the apartment. Just think you have had time to think about your first piece of art and look at the inspiration around you. I have houses, you have a camel and mountains, mmmmm.

  2. I see him, I see him……………well, how amazing is that! Mountains with cloud, mountains without cloud or………..no mountains hmmm…….I think you win again lol
    While you wait for your boxes you can play Creative Writer Awards on your blog……….I nominated you!

  3. Yes!!!! I spotted him 🙂 So glad to hear you’re stuff’ll be arriving today. Have a wonderful time making your new home ‘home’; then we’ll have great expectations for art I’m afraid, with all that inspiration around you 😉
    We’re off in our campervan later today…when I’ve finished the curtains lol

  4. You’ll feel so much more settled with your own belongings! Like the others, can’t wait to see your art – bet it’s all bursting to get out!

  5. Yes I found him!!!! Is he real?? Glad you are getting your belongings today, you must be having withdrawal symptoms by now.
    Btw I don’t think they sell fermented mare’s milk at the deli, but maybe if I order it in specially?????

  6. Olive Appleby

    have been for a ride yet? keep us informed. Ciao xxx

  7. Hi Sue, glad to see you’ve arrived safely and are settling in… now is that a bactrain camel I spy there? Are you going to be traveling around on them if the drivers are a little crazy? Hope your belongings arrive soon and make it a little more like ‘home’.

  8. Yup – spotted the camel!
    Hope things are going well for you in your new homeland.
    I just found your new blog….look forward to some great art once you get your stuff!
    Kazakhstan looks very colourful.

  9. Jayne Crow

    Yeah!!! I saw him too…hope all your stuff arrives safely and that you are back in ‘crafting land’ very soon xx

  10. enjoy your new life I will change your addy on the ATC swap club blog.

    so hopefully you will get some visits from our members and friends.

    take care

    chriss x

  11. Hope everything arrived safely Sue…just realised you said something about a camel, must go back and have a look!

  12. Oh yes I can see the camel, even though I was looking for a living breathing one!

  13. allmimsey

    So glad your move is settling down. I can understand your missing your usual art materials, but please don’t discount your photography…a wonderful tool capturing your point of view, felt experience, and creating a record of each–how is that not art?! All the best in your new digs.

  14. Sally Bowman

    Glad you’re settling in, and hope the supplies arrive as promised, because we miss your art!

    I see the camel…is he tethered, or just wandering about?!

  15. I,too, can’t wait to see your art. Looks like you have many inspirational things around you.
    I know that you have problems with Blogger but I would like to pass you the Beautiful Blogger award.
    I would also like to thank you for the great inspiration that you give me and many others.

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