Todays Kazakhstan pictures

Today I had an orientation tour of Almaty. The first thing to say is that the traffic is crazy! If there is a road with two lanes marked on it does that mean that the traffic stays in those lanes? Noooooo it means it goes wherever it fancies and wanders across the lanes randomly! I think it will take a little getting used to.

As well as  being shown where to shop for what I was taken to this absolutely beautiful cathedral, it is wooden and painted in the most bold colours as you can see.

Inside was equally beautiful with lots of gold and some stunning icon paintings where the madonna and child were surrounded by embroidered frames, I know they have a proper name but it escapes me at the min!



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15 responses to “Todays Kazakhstan pictures

  1. wendy

    now that looks fantastic, and with a blue sky too………so not going to drive just yet then?

  2. Wow Sue, looks fantastic. Don’t know whether I would be ready for the roads yet though LOL. Tracy x

  3. Think i’d keep off the roads as well Sue, that craft fair sounded really good, perhaps felting could be another string to your bow. Hope you both settle down ok and the crafty stuff arrives soon.

  4. ooh some stunning buildings that you have in your neighbourhood Sue. and that gorgeous blue sky!

  5. Athena

    The drivers aren’t any better here 😉 I’m glad to hear that you are settling in.

  6. The cathedral and interior is outstanding. The icons seem to glisten with gold. So beautiful, so intricate.
    Keep teaching us about your new world.

  7. A bit of a culture shock then compared to Crewe. I hope your husband has settled in well with his job and that you soon get your boxes arriving from the uk.Will miss you on the Stampotique team Sue.

    Jo x

  8. Glad you arrived safe…hope your crafty bits do to soon!
    xoxo Sioux

  9. What a great view, Sue! Hope you have soon the possibility to stamp a lot and place wonderful things on this blog. And I love to see all your Kazakhstan pictures…

  10. Hey hun, hope you are settling in ok – and hope you stash is with you real soon too… looked at your Blogger blog and saw you had to set up here.. is there any way I can follow other than just email? Just so I can link you into my sidebar :O)) Loving the pic out of the bedroom window… WOW, breathtaking! Sending hugs x

  11. Sid

    Fab buldings and architecture, love that picture from your bedroom….such imposing mountains ! Glad you are having a ball and that you soon receive your goods !

  12. Val

    Wow – looks like you are going to have a fab time – looks quite exotic in from the cathedral pics. Enjoy!

  13. Alison Haselgrove

    Hi Sue
    So great to have you back online – have missed visiting your blog !
    So glad that you have arrived safe & sound & hope that the precious art supplies arrive soon enough for withdrawal symptoms not to set in !
    Best of luck in your new life !

  14. Oh wow, what fabulous colours!!

    Any funny road signs? I have a collection from a visit to Prague,


  15. Again “following” you from over here in Reno, Nevada … such a beautiful place you’re living in … I’m just a wee bit jealous!

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