Welcome to The Jabberwocky In Another Place

As the heading says Welcome to Jabberwocky In Another Place.

This is doubly relevant  as I now live in another place ie. in Kazakhstan as from last Sunday and my blog is now in another place ie. WordPress instead of Blogger. I have had to start a new blog over here as I have problems accessing Blogger from here in Kazakhstan. Not only can I not continue my own blog but I am not going to be able to leave comments on Blogger blogs either which is a shame as there are so many out there I love.

I hope that eventually all the folks who liked to follow my Blogger blog will find their way over here. If you do WELCOME!!

At the moment we are still waiting for our packing cases to arrive from UK with my art stuff in so I am quite limited as to what I can make, I have just a few marker pens, charcoal pencils and a couple of journals that I brought in my suitcase! So no art from me just yet.

However on an arty theme today there was a craft fair at a local museum, I went along full of curiosity to see what the local craft people make and I was not disappointed. There was LOTS of felted things from shoes with pointy curled up toes, I have to have a pair of those at some time, to wall hangings, to jackets, to cushion covers, to scarves, I tried on a lovely one that was silk with a fab felt flower and felt leaves hanging from it, I was very tempted but I resisted, there is plenty of time! There were also lots of carpets and rugs, shawls, hats, toys, jewellery…..oh the jewellery…………I bought a silver and enamel ring……….I REALLY wanted another piece but it was $250……..another day maybe!

Another thing there was a fair amount of was pottery and I was tempted with was this little teapot from Uzbekistan!

Uzbekistan teapot



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16 responses to “Welcome to The Jabberwocky In Another Place

  1. You have been busy Sue, purchased a teapot already. I presume this is going to have pride of place in your kitchen at your new pad. Can’t wait to see some of the jewellery you purchase over the 3 years you are there LOL. Ian is hoping he saves some money as I do not have my gardening buddy here, he presumes with you not being here I will stay in more, mmmmmm don’t know about that. See you soon mate. Tracy x

  2. wendy

    Hello you………….well this is abit different from the Blogger isn’t it…….sure you will find your way around it before long……..doesn’t rachel jackson use wordpress?? might be worth emailing her for advice if you need some. Anyhow, love the teapot and you mentioned jewellery…………come one let me see xx

  3. Welcome to your new blog! Hope you settle in quickly – sounds like you’re doing so.

  4. Ann

    Hi Sue, glad to hear you arrived safely and are settling in. I will keep popping back to see your artwork. The craft fair sounds fabulous.

  5. Glad you are settling in.. Wendy keeps us informed:) Looks like you will have fun there…
    Jennie x

  6. Karen Cass

    hope I can leave a comment to say I hope you enjoy your new home. Normally have problems with wordpress so here’s hoping this posts. Good luck Sue. Enjoy

  7. Yes, Wendy’s a great ‘newsletter’!!! Great to see you, if only briefly on Saturday; I’ve still not done anything re Skype. I just have to tell you, I’ve wanted a pair of felt shoes that curl over at the toes for AgEs!!! I’m a UK size 5 (hint, hint) 🙂 🙂 Sounds like you’re finding plenty to see and do out there xxx

  8. Barb

    Hi Sue.
    Glad to hear you are settling in and absorbing the culture! Hope your art stash arrives soon, but enjoy all the exploring you are doing, sounds great fun!
    Best wishes, Barb

  9. I’m a little teapot,
    Short and stout.
    Here is my handle,
    Here is my spout!
    I can’t remember the rest; a little song I used to sing as a child.
    Your teapot is GORGEOUS!

  10. Hi Sue – found you! Hooray!! Craft fair sounds wonderful… please post lots of pics, glad you seem to be finding your way around. Lovely teapot. Can you receive emails? Sent you one last night.
    P S Rest of poem is :
    Pick me up and pour me out!

  11. Hi Sue, glad to see you’re settling in OK and managing to get out and explore the area.
    That teapot is gorgeous and Carol’s comment made me giggle.
    Hope you craft stuff arrives soon as we’re going to miss your quirky style.
    Felicity x

  12. Found you Sue! Pleased to hear you are settling into your new life. What a great little teapot, the colours are so vibrant.

  13. Olive Appleby

    Hi Sue,

    Looks like you are settling in already…. sounds like shopping heaven to me! Cant wait for your new creative ideas seeing the influences you have around you… keep well. Ciao xx

  14. Good luck with your new blog Sue!
    I sure hope your art supplies arrive soon. Must be a magazine around you can tear up for collage!

  15. Welcome back to the madhouse of blogland. Glad to hear you’re settling in well, and looking forward to following your new blog – once I’ve figured out how 🙂

  16. Hi Sue,

    Well this is a bit different:)
    Love you teapot, in fact love all your photo’s.

    Hope you are busy unpacking you art stuff right now.

    Good luck in your new home, new country, new enviroment. Will be interesting to see what inspires you artwise now.

    Best Wishes


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